Monday, August 31, 2009

some of my older paintings..

this is a watercolor from 2004, quite basic. Watercolor is difficult but sooo fun, the technique is opposite of oil, which I have been working with this past year. Watercolor has a totally different quality and feel, you have to draw a good picture first (this one wasn't drawn, just added color to see what happened:) I did improve as you will see from paintings added after this... I worked on watercolors several years and oils kept calling me. I went into watermixable oils and truely love them, have been working more with them the past year or two and will show you some.. they are creamy and fun to mush around and play with. I had done acrylics earlier and they are quick drying, fun and fast to work with, but oil kept calling.. had worked with them many years ago, the old turpentine cleaning brush oils... so messy and smelly... sorry to ramble, will get on to showing you more paintings and progress... I think..:)

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