Tuesday, May 17, 2011

old spools of thread--

these are old wooden spools of thread from my sewing box. With the old frame, they make a complimentary painting..

Now for some home grown oils..

the collection of books, saucer and old cloth is family memorablia for my enjoyment and thoughts. Fond memories..

the golden roses in the golden pot was a try for a study in shading yellows and golds.

I love peppers to paint. Brilliant colors, pleasing to the eye for me.

these last two, the little one eyeing the chip bag thinks she's fooling us.. hmmmmmm......:) the baby's pic was the idea for the last painting here.. such a sweet, somber look.. such a doll!

I am remiss in posting paintings on time..

these are some watercolors I've done recently.. have more that'll get posted soon. They're easy to travel with for me, moreso than oils.. so, when we gals go to other friends homes to paint, guess what medium.. watercolor..:) absolutely love both mediums! I do hope you enjoy reviewing these and thanks for doing so.